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How do you get people to change their minds about water conservation and adopt water-efficient practices? Through the Future Water program, the National Environmental Services Center (NESC) in partnership with West Virginia University's College of Business and Economics (B&E) is going to answer that question.

Using a strategy designed to encourage people to use water-efficient fixtures—such as low flow faucets, toilets and showerheads—NESC and B&E will create a social marketing campaign.

NESC and B&E not only intend this campaign to increase knowledge about water-efficient products and practices, they also want to understand and address the barriers that consumers face when purchasingmwater-efficient devices.

First Project Phase

In this first phase of the project, B&E's Paula Fitzgerald, Ph.D., a marketing professor, will research the current use of water-efficient products—investigating manufacturers and surveying consumer opinion. Using this research, NESC will create compelling educational public service messages with the goal of overcoming barriers and influencing market demand.

Through this website, NESC will provide water efficiency research, articles, fact sheets, products, and services to help consumers make decisions about water efficiency fixtures and practices.

NESC and B&E realize the importance of fresh water supplies and that it is their responsibility to improve sustainability practices and create a brighter future for everyone. Future Water activities will help minimize water waste, reduce the effects of drought, and guard against water shortages. In addition to ensuring enough water for future generations, using water efficiently saves money and energy—two things that impact most people's lives. Water is vital to life and civilization—and it should not be taken for granted.

Program Partners

National Environmental Services Center

NESC Logo (NESC) www.nesc.wvu.edu—NESC has more than 30 years' experience as an information clearinghouse for drinking water and wastewater issues. During its 30-year-old tenure, the organization has helped thousands of communities with drinking water and wastewater problems and issues. NESC is a program of the National Research Center for Coal & Energy (NRCCE) based at West Virginia University (WVU).


West Virginia University College of Business and Economics

WVU B&E Logo (WVU B&E) www.be.wvu.edu—This College is a fully accredited business school and is ranked among the top quartile of business school's in the U.S., according to a 2006 U.S. News & World Report.