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Security: Water and Wastewater



Helping Your Community Deal with the Unexpected

Over the last several years, concerns with and discussions about infrastructure security—often characterized by the term "resilience"—have taken on a broader and more nuanced meaning.

Sewer Overflow Photo

Resilience takes the notion of security beyond terrorist attacks on our infrastructure to incorporate anything that could disrupt vital services such as drinking water and wastewater. A resilient community is better able to maintain continuity of operations in the face of human-made and natural disasters, energy crises, pandemics, an unstable economy, or any combination of these occurrences.

The National Environmental Services Center (NESC) has assembled information about protecting small drinking water and wastewater systems against potential threats.

Below, you'll find a collection of articles, checklists, phone numbers, and web sites from NESC and other organizations across the country.