Frequently Asked Questions About Source Water

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What are the threats to source water?

Many contaminants might be present in source water before it's treated, including the following:

Two publically available resources that may describe potential or actual threats to your water supply are source water assessments and consumer confidence reports. First, your water supply and state drinking water program should have an assessment of the source water protection area from which it draws water which identifies potential threats. This assessment includes:

Community water supplies also provide reports, sometimes called consumer confidence reports or water quality reports, that explain where your drinking water comes from and what contaminants might be in it. These reports also tell consumers what contaminants have been detected in their drinking water and how these detection levels compare to drinking water. Contact your water supplier to get a copy of your report.

For more information see EPA's Ground Water & Drinking Water Section:

This information is adapted from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Source Water Protection Web site found at