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Drainfield Rehabilitation
National Environmental Services Center
Failure of soil absorption systems occurs for many reasons, ranging from improper siting, design, or construction to overuse of water.  It is important to determine the exact cause of failure before attempting to remediate or repair the onsite system.  This issue of Pipeline will discuss the process for correcting system failure, including gathering information about the system, determining the cause of failure, and designing the corrective action. 
(General Public, Local Officials, Planners, Managers, Public Health Officials, State Regulatory Agencies, State Officials, Contractors/Developers)
SFPLNL40/Booklet: 8 pp. (2005)

Soil Characteristics - Demystifying Dirt
National Small Flows Clearinghouse
This issue of Pipeline focuses on soil characteristics, conditions, and components.  Soil evaluation procedures are outlined, and textural properties (feeling and appearance) of mineral soils are explained.  Dispersal selection methods are noted under various site constraints.  A case study in Indiana describes how Wells and Allen Counties evaluated soils to correct failing systems.  This information is accessible to the general public, and could be useful as part of a homeowner or community education program.
(Local Officials, General Public, Public Health Officials, Contractors/Developers)
SFPLNL29/Newsletter: 8 pp. (2002)