Source Water Articles: Watersheds

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Watersheds: Planning and Management

Launching a Watershed Plan: Getting a Proper Start Improves Results Down the Road
On Tap magazine, Issue: Winter 2007 [pdf file 3.5 MB]
Many experts see watershed planning and management as being the most effective way to deal with water and wastewater issues. During 2007, On Tap will present a four-part series about watersheds that will provide an overview about how to start a watershed initiative, how to assess problems, how to develop a workable plan, and how to implement these watershed efforts. This article is the first of the series.

Assessing Your Watershed: Techniques for Measuring conditions and Water Quality
On Tap magazine, Issue: Spring 2007 [pdf file 1.5 MB]
 In Assessing Your Watershed: Techniques for Measuring Conditions and Water Quality, the second part of the four-part watershed series, On Tap Editor Mark Kemp-Rye explores different ways community groups can learn more about water conditions in their watershed.

Crafting a Watershed Plan
On Tap magazine, Issue: Summer 2007 [pdf file 1.6 MB]
On Tap
Editor Mark Kemp-Rye looks at how community groups can turn data and ideas into action plans.

Putting Your Watershed Plan to Work:
How Watershed Groups Can Maintain Momentum

On Tap magazine, Issue: Fall 2007 [pdf file 896 KB]
On Tap Editor Mark Kemp-Rye looks at how community groups put plans to work and maintain interest in their projects.

Watershed Approach Helps Mend Waterways
On Tap magazine, Issue: Summer 2006 [pdf file 1.9 MB]
 In recent years, various organizations—the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency among them—have become interested in watershed approaches to assure clean water. This article provides an overview to adopting a watershed approach to water quality management.

Land Conservation: A Permanent Solution for Drinking Water Source Protection
On Tap magazine, Issue: Spring 2006 [pdf file 2.3 MB]
In the 19th century, many large American cities purchased the land around their source water. More than a hundred years later, this technique is enjoying a resurgence in popularity as source water protection becomes more and more critical.

Managing Our Watersheds: A Systems Approach to Maintaining Water Quality
Small Flows Quarterly magazine, Issue: Fall 2000 [pdf file 1.3 MB]
The authors discuss the science, philosophy, history, and role of small flows in watershed management.

Watershed Management: An Overview
Pipeline newsletter, Issue: Fall 2006 [pdf file 2.5 MB]
Watershed management can be thought of as a systems approach to environmental protection. This issue of Pipeline discusses the importance of watersheds as a part of a healthy environment and economy. The watershed-based NPDES permitting approach is described and two case studies are presented. Also included in this issue are tips for organizing a successful local watershed organization.

Wellhead Protection: Big Benefits for Small Systems
On Tap magazine, Issue: Fall 2003 [pdf file 372 KB]
The cost of developing and implementing a wellhead protection program is considerably less than the cost of restoring water quality after the supply has been contaminated. Details on the how, why and costs of a total protection program are presented.

"How to Keep Your Water 'Well"
Pipeline newsletter, Issue: Summer 2002 [pdf file 596 KB]
This issue presents the possible effects and special considerations that are mandatory to prevent the contamination of drinking water wells in areas where onsite treatment is used. Included are tips from the EPA on protecting groundwater supplies and signs that suggest you should test your well.