SMART About Water Training Resources:

PowerPoint Presentations

Below are more than 15 SMART About Water PowerPoint presentations that are designed to accompany the SMART curriculum. Trainer notes that support the PowerPoint presentations may be found using the "notes page" view feature in PowerPoint. Note: A 60-day trail version of PowerPoint may be downloaded at provided by Microsoft.

Review of SMART Project Welcome and Brief Review of SMART Project To Date
Presented by: Sandra Fallon, Education and Training Services Manager, National Environmental Services Center at West Virginia University
[ Download Welcome/ PowerPoint File . size 808 KB ]
SMART Program Outcomes Module 1: The "SMART About Water" Goal, Program Concepts, and Outcomes
Presented by: Gerald Iwan, Ph.D., Director, National Environmental Services Center and Dave Clark, Director of Environmental Programs, Rural Community Assistance
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Protecting source water: Federal Module 2/ Federal: Protecting Sources of Drinking Water: Federal Perspective

Presented by: Charles Kanetsky, Source Water Protection Program Manager, USEPA—Region III, Drinking Water Branch
[ Download FEDERAL: Module 2/ PowerPoint File . size 4.2 MB]

Protecting source water: State Module 2/ State: Review of West Virginia's Source Water Assessment and Protection Program: A State Perspective

Presented by: William Toomey—Environmental Resource Program Manager II, Source Water Protection Unit Manager, West Virginia Bureau for Public Health
[ Download STATE: Module 2/ PowerPoint File . size 3.5 MB]

Source Water Protection Plans Source Water Protection Plans
Module 3: Source Water Protection Plans (SWPP): Components and Process

Presented by: Deb Martin, Director, Great Lakes RCAP (Rural Community Assistance Program); Julie Ward, Field Agent, Great Lakes RCAP

Train-the-Trainer Sessions:
[ Download TRAIN-THE-TRAINER Module 3/ PowerPoint File . size 6 MB]

Community Audiences Sessions:
[ Download COMMUNITY AUDIENCES Module 3/ PowerPoint File . size 6 MB]

  Module 4: Protecting Source Water through Strategic Wastewater Management

Presented by: Candace Balmer, Water Resource Specialist, RCAP Solutions
There are 8 PowerPoints in this section/ Module 4:

Social Marketing: Long Social Marketing: Short
Module 5: Using Social Marketing to Achieve SMART About Water Goals

Presented by: Christine Brittle, Ph.D., Communication and Research Analyst, The Baldwin Group
Long version designed for train-the-trainer sessions:
[ Download LONG: SOCIAL MARKETING Module 5/ PowerPoint File . size 876 KB]

Short version designed for community audiences:
[ Download SHORT: SOCIAL MARKETING Module 5/ PowerPoint File . size 848 KB]

RCAP Tracking and Reporting Tracking and Reporting RCAP Activities and Deliverables
Presented by: Dave Clark, Director of Environmental Programs, Rural Community Assistance Partnership
[ Download RCAP TRACKING/ PowerPoint File . size 832 KB]
SMART PowerPoint Template
SMART About Water PowerPoint Template

Created by: The National Environmental Services Center (NESC) Graphic Design staff
[ Download SMART TEMPLATE/ PowerPoint File . size 760 KB ]

SMART PowerPoint Template Applying the "Stages-of-Change" Model to Evaluate SMART About Water
Presented by: Keith Weber, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Communication Studies, West Virginia University
[ Download STATES-OF-CHANGE/ PowerPoint File . size 456 KB ]