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Poster for Onsite Wastewater Technologies

Presented by the National Small Flows Clearinghouse (NSFC)

This poster depicts typical uses of alternative wastewater systems in a rural community setting and shows how some onsite technologies can be clustered. Filter media systems, constructed wetlands, drip irrigation, and mound systems are just some of the technologies discussed. Known to be particularly helpful to local officials, engineers, regulators, and individual homeowners in selecting the most suitable treatment option for their situation, this poster will tell you what types of onsite wastewater treatment technologies are available in the U.S.

The technologies described are applicable to individual homes, schools, churches, restaurants, parks, and other "small-flow" situations. There is a section about common onsite systems, as well as a section about systems that can be installed in difficult site conditions, such as steep slopes, areas with nearby lakes, or other environmentally sensitive locations. This item is © Copyright, NESC All Rights Reserved.

View the systems online and order a hard-copy of the Onsite Wastewater Treatment for Small Communities and Rural Areas Poster by calling us toll free at (304) 293-4191. or e-mailing info@mail.nesc.wvu.edu - request Item #WWPSPE02. Fees and shipping costs apply.

Common Onsite Components


Options for Special Conditions/Situations

  1. alternative toilets
  2. waste segregation and effluent reuse
  3. holding tank
  4. trench system
  5. bed system
  6. serial distribution
  7. contour system
  8. gravelless system chamber
  9. alternating fields
  10. low-pressure pipe system
  11. pressure assist
  12. drip irrigation
  13. mound system/at-grade
  14. evapotranspiration system